@dusan. The blue/white/yellow color scheme is one associated with Bosnia. Most people don’t have a problem with that. Also I think the red/blue/white is a little overused even though I personally identify myself as Yugoslav or Bosnian (not an ethnic group) so this makes it a little more unique. As for the coat of arms I combined the kotromanic crown as you mentioned with the actual shield of Bosnia from the fojnica armorial. And then I decided to go with the dragon because if Bosnia is to go forward I think it’s time we stop bringing back symbols from the past and turn to something new. The dragon is slavic tales is a creature that represents strength and also an individual who strives. Finally, I added seven lines on the bottom of the shield to represent the seven main rivers that run through the country and which the country is known for its nature. The bottom portion can be changed but I wanted to take up space with something that didn’t take away from other parts of the flag or specifically representing some sort of ethnic group.


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