Electro ingeneer? Jovan Deretic studied in Yugoslavia, France and USA.

What? Not history, but mathematics and electotechnics. He also suceeded not to get degree in Yugoslavia and France ;D He also claim to be professor, altough he is not, nor ewer was, and claim to be acadmician, another false claim.


He speak 8 languages, Serbian, English, French, German, Italian, Latin and old Greek.

Well, he claims he speak 3, and "he could use 5 more". But guess what, I also speak 3 languages and can use 5 more. No big deal.

Also if you found something on your ground that is oldest in the world, you have full right to claim it, it means it appeard there and then spreaded through the world.


According to your opinion Eiffel tower in Las Vegas can be claimed by Americans lol

L00lz. Priceless.