Hm, so genetically our closest relatives are Western Slavs, Slovaks the most. I thought we would be much closer to NW Croats.

I really like it comes with regional statistics. The regional outcome is rather interesting and not what i would expect. For example its interesting westernmost Litroal and easternmost Prekmurje have more R1b than rest of the center. I would expect it would gradually decline (or rise) from west to east. So you see Štajerc you may try to be associated with all the churkas you like but Upper Carniolans are your true brothers. :P

I guess that's because they didn't mix with Italians, Germans or Hungarians? Jebemti čurke ;D but aren't our closest the folks from Prekmurje? I mean, you Upper Carlos have a pretty big genetic diversity, god knows what all, while we seem to have less of all that.