I guess that's because they didn't mix with Italians, Germans or Hungarians? Jebemti čurke ;D but aren't our closest the folks from Prekmurje? I mean, you Upper Carlos have a pretty big genetic diversity, god knows what all, while we seem to have less of all that.

Damn right, bemti nih. :D And that makes us most superior slavic people of all. Ultimately we are all pretty close. But its interesting. Styrians and Prekmurians share similar rates of I1 but in I2a1 Styrians and U. Carniolans are closer, etc. It kinda varies. I rlly wonder what would my resoults be like. :D

I thought we would be much closer to NW Croats.

Who said we arent? To find that out they would need to test only proper NW Croats.