I think,people on this forum are interested only for political themes… Russia vs Ukraina,who is right flag,right languages,95 % themes on forum is about politic…

Come on people, can't belive there's so little interest in Football World Cup!? So many anti-football characters, what's hapening with those new generations >:(?

I'll try to break the ice. Let's talk of some great moments from the past. The only two big titles Slavic national teams won were two European cups – USSR in 1960. (finals were held in France) and ČSSR in 1976. (final four in Ex-Yu, Belgrade and Zagreb). That second one, I was near 12 and along with my grandad we travelled by night-train to attend two maches in Belgrade: semi-finals Yugoslavia – Germany 2:4 after extra-time (1st half result was 2:0 for us, Jesus how pissed we were); then final match ČSSR – Germany 2:2, ČSSR won by penalties. Czech player Panenka scored the decisive goal with the eternal penalty-kick remembered and shown often even today on TV – that way to score from penalty-kick is simply named "panenka". Remember the delirium at the stadium, interesting – we all shouted: "Če-si, Če-si!" – only years after I found out that only 3 players from that team were indeed Czechs (Panenka, goalkeeper Viktor and think Mastny), all the others were Slovak ;D. Never mind, that's realy a great memory.

Great story!!! I am 20,and first WC who i clearly remember is Japan&Korea 2002 and for us,kids,Ronaldo was the God.. We did not have the expensive kits, but we wrote the names of the players on the bare back, or at very cheap jerseys,and football was played between two goals of stones… I remeber we collected the stickers.Unfortunately,i dont see that in todays kids.. My favourite players was Inzaghi and Shevchenko especially,and Morientes and Roberto Carlos… Very better times,but i wait this WC with same passion!