To Svetovid:

Well, Brazil was country with high poverty and crime also in times of Pele, probably the same with Argentina in times of Maradona; so what? Germany is far more rich and organized country then Italy, but Italy always beats Germany in football. That is the charm of football, mean it's not Formula 1 and thanks God for that. Football is the only thing in the world where Uruguay can be No.1 for long time (dough long ago). And last but not least, that's the reason I'm quit indifferent with Champions League (except when Partizan somehow smuggles in :D), but World Cup always excites me, since 1974. when deceased Škija Katalinski scored against Spain in Frankfurt (youngsters, Google a bit).

About Bosnians and Turks, well it's their right to do so; as we say: "Svaka budala ima svoje veselje" = roughly "Every fool's got his own joy". Including me, of course :)