And Croats didn't play well at all, they've got black holes in team too, but most fair result would be draw, hardly. Jesus, how low in quality that Brazilian team is; think now I can say so, after 2 matches seen (Serbia and Croatia), seems unfortunately the Germans (say) would do to them as they did to Argentina 4 years ago.

Also without no explanation our own Brazilian "Croat" Eduardo didn't play which is odd as well…but yeah we had a bunch of mistakes. It's like our players woke up in last 15 minutes when they realized it's going to end soon. Either way i expected that we will either lose or maybe get a draw at best but the judge ruined the whole game.

Real men play ice-hockey. Or as famous song goes : "трус не играет в хоккей".

Hockey is super fun but only on TV. I've been at few games here in Zagreb Arena and it's a pain to keep up with puck running around like crazy. It's cool that our Medvešćak club in the Russian league so at least we play against good opponents.