It was a bit strange situation at the stadium yesterday. The players of Brazil are majorly with darker skin complexion, while the supporters of the same country were predominantly whites. The natives of Brazil, who live on the edge of the existence, play football to be able to feed their families, while the whites, who have enough money for the tickets go to cheer for the country.  :-

If you consider Brazil as a whole, according to census 47,6% of population declares itself  white ; 50,8% of population declares itself black or brown,  1,2 % yellow  and 0,4% indigenous.  Looking per region, in the northeast and north the black/brown people are around 60% and in the south are around 30% of the population. Talking about wealth, as a whole 21% live with less than equivalent to US$ 150 / month and 10% of population concentrate 40% of richness. The distribution of wealth in Brazil is unbalanced per region, as well between black/brown people and white people. But there are many white people that are poor an black people that are rich (including some football players).

The game was in São Paulo, that have majority of people with european descent, it was expected to see more white than black people in the stadium, as a reflex of the population. In the games that will happen in Curitiba and Porto Alegre, that is southern, the difference will be certainly bigger, there will be less black people in the stadium. But in cities like Rio de Janeiro, and in the northeast like Salvador and Fortaleza there are much more black people in the local population, so is expected to see more black than white people in the stadium than it was in São Paulo. On Spain x Holland in Salvador this friday and Argentina x Bosnia sunday in Rio de Janeiro, I guess we can see the difference with majoritiy of black people on that stadiums.

But other point is that there are around 800 professional football teams in Brazil so we can conclude that black/brown peple in Brazil are better football players.