USA! USA! USA???  Idk. I quit. ;D


I just learned about this supposedly "deadly match." 😮 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Death_Match

The Death Match (Ukrainian: Матч смерті, Russian: Матч смерти Match smerti – Match of death) is a name for a football game on 9 August 1942 in Kiev between the local team FC Start (Cyrillic: Старт) — former professional footballers from Dynamo Kyiv and Lokomotyv Kyiv — and Flakelf, a team of German air defense artillery. The importance of the game lay in the Soviet propaganda that promoted the unshakable will of Soviet players who sacrificed their lives facing an ultimate adversity. According to the Soviet version some players of the "Start" team after winning the match 5-3 were shot by the SS because their victory humiliated the Germans. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 this version was rejected by Ukrainian eyewitness and historians.

Start (Kiev Bread Factory) 5 Flakelf (Wehrmacht) 3
Date: 9 August 1942
Venue: Zenit stadium, Kyiv