Hehe, I watched the game a little on Croatian TV (god knows why) and I misheard their commentator. I heard him say "Šiptarci" instead of "Švicarci". Then I thought "that'd be spot on". ;D Šiptarji, Šiptarji everywhere …
So called "Swiss" team can most certainly be described as "Virtual national team of the Republic of Kosovo", whatever it be.

Naturalized and newly immigrated players are just no fun to watch as well as teams consisting mostly of immigrants (like France). Even if it plays well still I can't make myself believe the French national team can look like this. It's like Cameroon national team players were mostly of European origin.
Honduras was very weak and Brazilian referee finished it with sending away one player. The first yellow card wasn't due as the French player shouldn't be playing while sitting on the grass.

And about the richest families, most of them are "new" with some exceptions (Matarazzo and Marinho are some of the oldest and richest families, but Matarazzo doesn't have their "power" as they had once, comparing to the richest families now.).
But most are Bank owners and rich people here rarely lose their wealth due "investments" (our gvt rule for them ;D).

Our business and politics are intertwisted too much too. I think of it as of a whole body. And in Ukrainian last 'elections' of president two oligarchs got 67% of votes in the first round.

There're almost no Africans where I live and I'd like to ask you a question. I'm not a racist or something, I just want a first hand information. The question is:
if Africans and Europeans have similar conditions (money etc) do these groups tend to have similar education, jobs, way of life etc in Brazil? I realize that both groups have different nations which complicates the question, so I'll accept any answer and of course you can not answer it at all.
And if possible you could include Japanese in the comparison to make it three way.