In addition, if you only saw how these lazy asses humiliated their fans some 10 years ago or so (I haven't watched them in last years regularly). They only played well for their clubs (more bucks) and in the national team they spent time.

If you mean, when they received 8 (or how many, don't remember well) goals in Portugal – well, things like that happen. Then, also remember 2008. Euro and epic win over Netherlands when Arshavin made children to Dutch defense.
What should I say? I myself remember 6 World Cups with my national team on it (Yugoslavia, Serbia & Montenegro, Serbia), that's probably 6 years less of life. Since 1974. World Cup in Germany as a kid, series of stress and disappointments; 1990. penalty-kicks vs. Argentina in quarter-finals, probably two years itself. Still, 2010. Serbia beats mighty German machine in South Africa – priceless.
That's football and magic of it, bro! Remember: if RF national team goes well in Brazil, you'd easily walk around wrapped in the flag, and it's OK!