At least people from say Irkutsk can watch the game befor going to work, which is not bad. No matter win or lose, they have excuse if anything happen that day at work.

Nevertheless, think World Cup is special occasion. Match(es) should be watched in public squares all around the country to support the national team, never mind day or night.

In 2002 in the cup in Japan and Korea most of people in Brazil  watched the game at home or in bars, in the middle of the night because the time lag there from Brazil is 12h, the games started at 4h am. And in the morning before, companies start to work later, because even the boss and the costumers was watching the game at night. Now the government was to declare national holiday in days of games of Brazil, but didn`t do it. Anyway, as Brazil games are in the afternoon the companies liberate the workers after lunchtime to go home to see the game. It is really  an special occasion