It was funny how the same defender of Ghana, N21 refused to play when both American goals were scored.

If you mean, when they received 8 (or how many, don't remember well) goals in Portugal – well, things like that happen. Then, also remember 2008. Euro and epic win over Netherlands when Arshavin made children to Dutch defense.
What should I say? I myself remember 6 World Cups with my national team on it (Yugoslavia, Serbia & Montenegro, Serbia), that's probably 6 years less of life. Since 1974. World Cup in Germany as a kid, series of stress and disappointments; 1990. penalty-kicks vs. Argentina in quarter-finals, probably two years itself. Still, 2010. Serbia beats mighty German machine in South Africa – priceless.
That's football and magic of it, bro! Remember: if RF national team goes well in Brazil, you'd easily walk around wrapped in the flag, and it's OK!

It's not only isolated cases like 1:7 from Portugal, 1:3 from Albania, 1:2 from Israel and 0:1 from Georgia. The team didn't look motivated all the way excluding possibly some players.
I admit they do better lately but I doubt it's because of a sudden rise of patriotism. I think it's because players were motivated in a similar way Russian oligarchs became motivated to build synthetic fields for football schools. A directive from above.
Concerning Arshavin, as talented as he is he can't be the captain because his irresponsibility is destructive for the team spirit. Also here's what he once said to fans:

Your expectations are none of our problems.

As you see he gives us a hint himself.

I'll happily walk around wrapped in the flag of RF when more people are happy in this country. Winning of some 30 sportsmen over other 30 isn't enough for me. I'm sorry.

In 2002 in the cup in Japan and Korea most of people in Brazil  watched the game at home or in bars, in the middle of the night because the time lag there from Brazil is 12h, the games started at 4h am.

With 12h lag, Brazilian team could play in Japan and Korea at say 11:00 when it was 23:00 in Brazil, they just didn't care for Brazil.