He's crazy, OK, but:

– that's got nothing to do with football skills, on the contrary; he's the world's best football player at the moment;
– his 10-years boy behavior is still much more acceptable to me than those disgusting, tattooed, bleached etc. and in a first place obviously doped modern stars e.g. CR or Neymar (guess that sort of things started with Beckham);
– agree it is strange to bite someone, but eventually that's far less dangerous than most of the starts in today's football (every other is potentially broken leg, if not murder in attempt);
– last but not least: to remove Suarez from WC would be like removing Brazil's highest obstacle to the finals – like they haven't been helped enough so far.

Justice for Luis Suarez!

Well, I don't know how good Suarez is, but I think the rules should apply for all equally.
I personally have never dreamed of biting anyone (being a child too) and I find it sick. I used to play a defender/midfielder.
CR and Neymar are disgusting too, but in their own ways.
The next rival of Uruguay is Colombia and I'm not sure if it's inferior to Uruguay.

I remember that, it was a robbery.

Cool, bro, got the feeling things would be OK and RF national team would play vs. Germany in round of 16, like I predicted here some time ago. Moreover, birdie tells me RF and Greece both reach round of 8 – think positive and stay well!

Bперед Россия! Έλληνας φόργουορντ!

Well I hope Russian team can change it's strategy to attack as effective as it defended against Belgium.
Go Russian millionaire boys. :)