Of course it dosn't, but if they did not use their numbers, BiH would look very different now…and a large portion of Hercegovina would be missing. No, the Croats must be kept in check until they decide to cooperate with the others and stop dreaming about Herceg-Bosna.

What do you think you are? What are Croats, a small child so they need tutoring from Bosniaks. You have a RS to deal with, not with croatian UNEXISTING parastate… Because of this kind Bosniak politics Croats are in very good relations with RS. What do you think that Bosniaks are godgiven nation to rule others? Forget that scenario :D HB wasn`t reailty even in war times. Today that is impossible. That constant fear of "croatian indenpendance in BiH" is product of lunatics. You and Frost are putting me in postition that I must defend UNEXISTING state, UNEXISTING state that even i do not support??? I don`t even like the Mostar politicians, espec HDZ of anykind. But i will defend the birthright of Croats to stay in BiH, to have their representative and other things which they deserve. I was pissed off when Frost was starting to talk about "guests". That kinda nationalistic propaganda i will not tolerate. His words are spit in the eye of all Bosniaks who are normal and who are trying to live normally with other people. And spit in the eye of 20 000 Bosniaks who fought in HV (not HVO), on which I`m very proud of.