Even that every men was fighting for HB, do you think that women, children and old people deserved to go away? I you support this, you are supporting the ethnic cleasning.Tuđman had a very bad politic toward BiH, there is no doubt in that. But on the other hand Alija had his "moments"I was from the start for one country, please don`t put in my mouth words which i didn`t say. And of course i support now croatian agenda. Because their life now depends on crumbles from Bosinak table. Bosniaks decide which representative will be for their cause. That is absolute idiotic idea and it is not even constitutional and democratic. Like it or not BiH is still country of Croats, no matter what you say or want. And it will stay this way. They only want better positions in Federation. Your numbers are larger then ours in population but that do not give your people right to bully my people. No, sir. It is very simple

I don't want my people to bully anyone, I'm just sure that Bosniak rule wouldn't be oppressive towards Croats, you can build your churches, teach your kids acording to Croatia's cursus, Sarajevo's mayor is an ethnic Croat, there is a 5 meters tall statue of the Pope in Sa, nobody would be bothered to see a Croat with a Sahovnica, but our Lilies and our mosques bother you.