I wonder why Macedonians are building relations with Serbia ::), maybe it has something to do with the fact that Bulgarians, Greeks and Albanians all want to take something from them.

Serbia is the only neighboring country that has no problems with current Macedonian statehood, although there is a dispute over Macedonian Orthodox Church most people and politicians dont give a s**t about it anymore

On the positive side if the Republic of Macedonia is to join new Yugoslavia, Greeks would be overjoyed to change the name to "Current Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" :D

New Yugoslavia will eliminate the name dispute. Macedonia as FYROM stands for used to be Macedonia in Former Yugoslavia and consequently will remain as Macedonia in New Yugoslavia. Greeks never complained then and should not complain about the name in the new federation. After all they acknowledge that the name  of the country was Macedonia by adopting FYROM Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia.

Regarding the Albanians, Serbia will never be admitted into  EU without prior recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. Now we come to the point that Macedonia and Serbia have common interest in forming a federation which may look further to Montenegro and Bosnia (perhaps Croatia at some point). Slovenia is perceived as troublemaker and will stay aside. 

Regarding Miroslav Rizinski, I never heard of him and it is hard to me to comprehend that such people still exists. I also thought that the Macedonian Patriotic Organisation abandoned the pro-Bulgarian positions. If MPO hasn't change it will go toimage