This is a Bulgarian conspiracy theory. The author is a self-declared Bulgarian from Macedonia. He has a history of anti-Macedonian actions and has been subject of supposed 'Human Rights Violations';


This is what I suspected.

No one in Macedonia really thinks about creating a union with Serbia. This is just a Bulgarian misconception about Macedonian mentality. And obviously, Bulgarians from Macedonia are a bit too paranoid about this issue, if it could be called "issue".

Our state relations with Serbia aren't much closer than relations with any other country in the region. Culturally, these relations are indeed closer, too much even for my taste, but this is a relic from Yugoslavia. The fact that we were the same country for 70 years, created a massive Serbian, Croatian, etc. cultural influence in modern Macedonia, incomparable to the Bulgarian one, and this probably not taken well by the Bulgarians.

I think there was a topic about new Yugoslavia somewhere here, and the conclusion was – it's impossible.