Thank you Gaius Martius Coriolanus. The meaning is the same as Bela vrana. The opposite from normal, unusual.

ingva ingva, i can see you gave me -1 even though your post actually confirms what I said. You are saaaaad person.

gal, galj, cal, kalj means black. kaljav means black dirty as opposed to prljav which just means dirty, usually brown dirty.

ugalj, ukalj means to turn into kalj, galj, black charcoal. The name comes from the fact that the first coal used was not natural coal dug out of the ground, but charcoal, wood coal, drveni ugalj, ćumur…

This is indeed very interesting.

The area where Raven is called gal is the area of the most dense Celtic Scordisci settlements.

What is very interesting is that in the early medieval depictions of the people of the Frankish empire, Galls were depicted with black hair. Sclavini, Slavs are depicted with red hair, Germanics with blond hair, and Romans with brown curly hair. The picture "Four Provinces Bringing Tribute to Emperor Otto III" is from the manuscript: "Gospel Book of Otto III"

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From the beginning of his reign, Otto III faced opposition from the Slavs along the eastern frontier. Following the death of his father in 983, the Slavs rebelled against imperial control, forcing the Empire to abandon its territories east of the Elbe river. Otto III would fight to regain the Empire's lost territories throughout his reign with only limited success. While in the east, Otto III strengthened the Empire's relations with Poland, Bohemia, and Hungary. Through his affairs in Eastern Europe in 1000, he was able to extend the influence of Christianity by supporting mission work in Poland and through the crowning of Stephen I as the first Christian king of Hungary.


Strawberry blond, reddish hair, used to be called Wendish blond…

According to archaeological data, Celts came to middle Danube area down along Tisa river valley.


Guess what lies just above the start of the Tisa river basin? Galicia.

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If gal, galj means black, does Gali mean people with black hair?

And what is very interesting is that descriptions of western Slavs state that there were many sorts of Slavs, Blond and dark. Sorbs were described as especially dark….