One other thing.

Gal, Kal – Black, like a charcoal
Gar – Black, like a char, soot

Kalafonac – Gypsy in Serbian, black person
Garav – Black in Serbian, like a soot, like a Gypsy

Ugal – black, coal
Ugar – black, old name for Hungarians

Who were people on the above picture: "Arpad and the six other chieftains of the Magyars. From the Chronicon Pictum.  It showing the shield with the Royal House of Arpad Coat of Arms, a sitting black "Jackdaw"."

They were definitely not Magyars, but they could have been Ugars, UGars, UGals.

There was a very good discussion couple of years ago on Serbian Cafe history discussion board about Ugars and the big questions: were they Magyars at all and what was their link with Nemanjic dynasty? St Stephen's of Hungary coronation cap has text written in a Slavic language…..I need to revisit this.

Crow is sorrë in Albanian, cioara in Romanian (from Albanian). Albanian and Slav cer(en), crn are really close in how they sound, is it possible to be an Indo-European correspondence here (crows are black)?