1. First of all I was not addressing you, but kwo the so-called Albanian
2. I am half-Bg half-Ro from Romania and I do consider myself Romanian. Any complaints?
3. I have already refered you to Perun the administrator, for deleting my posts, that's why it now looks like I was addressing you, instead of kwo, you have deleted my previous post.
4. I see Serbs here are allowed to deny the existence of Montenegrin and Slavic Macedonian nations, insult everyone (especially Bg and non-Slavs) and so on. You are not entitled to decide who is to break the rules unpunished and who isn't
5. Lack of "h" phonem is commont to Macedonian and Torlak and some West Bulgarian. Most East Bulgarian have this phonem (not all though). In this case Standard/Eastern Bulgarian and Serbian are opposed to Macedonian and Torlak dialects.
6. Most Torlak dialects have "-l" instead of "-o" in the so-called "l-participle".
7. Who cares aorist and imperfect existed in the past in Serbian too? In the past there was only one Slavic proto-language, that doesn't mean all current languages are dialects of the same language (different codifications of the same language like in the case of Norwegian, Bulgarian and Croat – chakavski and sthokavski). Most of the "numerous" differences between Torlak and Bulgarian are due to the recent influence of Serb language, after the Serbization of those regions (in Pirot area people still considered themselves Bulgarian in 1878 when they become Serb citizens, Kiril Zivkovic is the first codifier of New Bulgarian (old Bg="Old Church Slavonic"), a kind of west Bg Pulevski. It's true his codification was replaced by another but that was also the case with Pulevski's. Similarily many of the Serbisms in Macedonian date after 1912, actually 99% of the new words in Macedonian are either Serbian words adopted to Macedonian phonetics or loan-translations from Serbian.
Still there are many typically Bulgarian words: vlijanie, vnimanie (both of these also present in Russian), razbira, (h)ubav. Many Bulgarian words have gone archaic or obsolete and now they are prefering Serb synonyms or pure dialectalisms: sobitie (nastan), strana (zemja) and so on. It's the same case: in the past Macedonian used to be more Bulgarian vocabularywise, just like Serbian used to be more Bulgarian (presence of aorist and imperfect) so, no matter how far one goes in the past, Bulgarian and Macedonian are still much more similar than Macedonian and Serbian.
So yes, Torlak dialects are definitely Macedonian, not Bulgarian and definitely not Serbian and the "genial" codification of some west bulgarian mixed dialect (a mixture of different west-bg dialects and a mixture of bg and sb) has actually turned against its codifiers (the Serb ones at least, the Vlach ones are obviously excluded from this)