Not only pekl and pekal do exist (you said they have "pecija" (?) instead of "pekao" definite article does also exist:
Here is the song:

Magla padnala v dolina
dolina = it should've been doline, dolinu whatever in Serbian
padnala = not pala

BILJA KRSTIĆ – Magla padnala – The fog came down

Magla padnala v dolina
Od njuma se ništo ne vidi
Samo eden grm zelen, grm zelen
Pod njija mi sedi terziče
Terziče mlado, komšiče

Terziče mlado, komšiče, terziče!
Da mi sašijes elečeto
So aršin da go ne meriš
So noški da go ne režeš
So igla da go ne bodeš
Od oko da go sašiješ

Božano momo, ubava Božano
Će ti sašijem elečeto
Al da mi umesiš pogača
Kroz trepke brašno da seješ
So solzi da go zamesiš
Na grudi da go razviješ
Sos dusa da go ispeces

eden (Mk form), not jedan (2 differences from Sb)
eleceTO = definite article, instead of jelece (you said there is no definite article)
elece, not Jelece
so solzi = not sA suzama or whatever
nominative plural solzi, not suze (2 differences)
so + nominative = not instrumental or whatever
Obvious Macedonian dialect.

1. You deleted kwo1's post and therefore my reply seems to be addressed to your post, not to his (which no longer exists). If you are a moderator delete all Serbs' postings saying Montenegro nation doesn't exist.
2. here is the wikipedia page for Torlak dialects:
pekyl (bg) = pecel (mk) = pekal, pekl (Torlak) = pekao (Sb)


It is obvious you have no idea about Torlak dialects.
3. Aorist and imperfect are dead in everyday Sb language: they are both replaced by what Bg grammars call undetermined past tense (Present Perfect in English with "to be" as auxiliary, not "to have").
4. No Torlak dialect has all 6 cases of Serbian nouns (that's right six, Serb nouns have 6, since locative=dative for all nouns, Russian also has six, it lacks vocative). They have a maximum of 5. Bulgarian has a maximum of 2 (nominative and vocative).
Aorist and imperfect are used extensively, in Serbian they are dead.
So their grammar is definitely not Serbian, they have definite articles (most of them) which no other Slavic language possesses, and so on.
Kiril Zivkovic was the first codifier of New Bulgarian language, he called it Simple Bulgarian (prost bugarski) in his native Torlak dialect.
If you don't want to talk about Torlak dialects you shouldn't have replied to me contradicting me. Now you want to silence me, after you have contradicted me with your "arguments" so that I cannot show how "valuable" they are. Nice behaviour. Worthy of a Serb.