This is a song from Vranje in Serbia, it is a real Torlak song.



At least that's what its youtube uploader says:

Magla padnala
The fog came down
song from Vranje (southern Serbia)

Consult uploader then. But its nt Vranje dialect. Stojanke, bela vranjanke is example of Vranje dialect.


Have luck with finding definite articles. ;)


It's isn't "padnUla", it's "padnAla"
In Serbian it would be "pala". Do you have a both the imperfective and perfective l-participles? pao and padnuo (masculine singular), pala and padnala (feminine singular) in Serbian? Anyway it's padnAla, different from Serb padnUla. That's how it is called in Bulgarian, l-participle, no need to contradict me when you obviously don't know Bulgarian lingustic terminology.

In Bulgarian or Serbian its not participle.

But you also don't know that Torlak dialects have pekl and pekal,

Of course I dont know. I had roomates from Niš, Vranje, Leskovac they never used word pekl. You are citing Wikipedia article which is citing non existing article in Croatian linguistic magazine.
Why do I supose you are anything but ignorant?


instead of Serb pekao and you still contradicted me on this too. At this Torlak dialect has "eleceTO" which is elece (Serbian jelece) + the definite article.

Bu bu bu bu. Whats point of repating?

Here is another song from Vranje:


It strangely has no defintive article and has declinsion.


I am amazed how easy you Serb "moderators" ban something for allegedly "insulting" you when

I am amazed how you want to speak about linguistics with such ignorance of it.


a) it is used as a pretext to stop me exposing you as having no arguments for claiming Torlak dialects as Serb

By using Macedonian songs?


b) you people (maybe even yourself) are constantly breaking the forum rules (i.e. attacking other Slavs, Montenegrins and Bulgarians and Croats and Bosnians, claiming they are Serbs and so on) and no moderator deletes their posts or bans them

Sockpupet accounts are not allowed. You are free to claim whatever you want, there is freedom of speech, but there is no freedom of multiple accounts.