I guess so. Thow here its well known.

Well, since you practically live in Črni graben it's well known. Here they aren't as it was more of an Upper Carniolan thing.

Childrens arm thing is ofc. superstition and a symbol. It wasn't actually practiced. Perhaps made by Rokovnjači themself to be feared or maybe by parents so that children would stay away from them. Or anything like that, idk. At any rate especially here the highwaymen were praticulary numerous mainly due to the fact only few valleys but most notably Črni Graben connected Carniola with east & they thrived on robbing trade carriages. Now if you add up the fact that furmani (those who engaged in transportation) where praticularry numerous in Carniola and especially Upper Carniola now its clear highwaymen banditry thrived well.

Damn, you just ruined the best part about them.  :'( I'm sure some, at least the leaders at the begining had them. Of course, if there were 200 rokovnjači it would be crazy if everyone had an own hand … I kind of doubt that about scaring off children as at Udin Boršt they had aswell women and children in their group.

I think what is also interesting is their rokovnjaščina. Are there any text for comparing with regular Slovene?