Ofc. i absolutely agree minimum wage thing is by no means the vital thing about the whole thing. Either if entire world has wage limit or not neither cases will change it. I dont mind, let ppl have what they want. If ppl want minimum wage limit wrriten in some obscure law for the sake of feeling better thats fine. Like you said. Croatia has minimum wage limit but still 80.000 dont get payed. :D

Regarding capitalist and cheap labour. They want cheap labour. Look how many companies have their manufactoring objects in countries with cheap working force.

Ye some do, especially in some branches cheap labour is a factor to certain degree but not entirely. I wasnt implying capitalist are God sent angels that increase pays. Capitalists are ppl and ppl are diverse. But higher pay is not effect of "welfare" and other such branch laws instead its product of capitalism. Look ofc. highly regulated country like China will have lower pay than less regulated Sweden. And you see, does minimum wage limit really make Chinese better off? image Imo not.

Being a bit "racist" here but i figure indeed some nations like all ex-Yugoslavians just seem not fit or destined to breach the higher civilisation levels. ;D