Idk. Perhaps its better, or perhaps not. I won't go to a point to fully endorse one of the two concepts but tbh i am kinda prone to no-minimum wage limit. The system isn't as bad as it may seem imo. As its seen Italy, Germany, Austria, Scandinaivan nations don't have any sets of limit on minimum wage. :D So basically getting a job would be much easier. You could make a deal with employer with lower wage but you would have a job. Just tell me how many yugos are in Tojčland & Osterajh? Many! And most of them are payed better than yugos back home in "social" states of Yugoland. Entire third world Europe is hungry for Tojčer money. Not to say how quikly they get jobs.

Great post Povhec. But if you ever come to Croatia please don't mention this, or you will be perceived as an neoliberal prophet. And that you eat little children.