Great post Povhec. But if you ever come to Croatia please don't mention this, or you will be perceived as an neoliberal prophet. And that you eat little children.

Croatia isn't comparable to Germany or Scandinavia, either by workforce nor amount of population and many other factors thus by business either. What works for Germany doesn't has to mean it will work for us. Having no minimum wage in Croatia atm would wreck the population and i don't know a single person that would work for 1000kn, hell even current minimum wage is not enough to survive the whole month, let alone anything lower. Working for 1000kn you wound end up in negative on end of the month due to expenses (food during work, traveling to work, getting outfit for work etc.)

Many like to bring up Switzerland as an example of a successful mini state (in size comparable to Balkan shredded states) but Switzerland as such is a product not of highly successful master mind Swiss population but a product of large countries as Germany, USA and such that are investing into it and holding it as a personal off-shore bank from criminals, to corrupt politicians to actual legit savings loans and what not.
Anyone who thinks Switzerland is independent or anything such is naive.