Asatru is modern reconstruction of old Germanic faith, literally meaning ,,faithful to Aesir" (or something), which are German gods. You must have heard of Loki, Thor, Odin etc. They are basing on nordic myths and eddas written by Snorri, Christian monk. Some asatruars consider their faith to be exclusive Germanic and not let others in, whilst some other are open for (almost) everyone who believes and assimilates. In fact it's similar to other Indo-European beliefs, as they have common root. I find asatru as mildly popular amongst Slavic people (well, at least more popular than Slavic faith). Sorry for not explaining it, I'm lazy ass and assumed that you folks at least have a grasp of what it is.

Now I noticed there's similar topic http://www.slavorum.com/forum/index.php?topic=1411.0 but it's 2y.o. so perhaps we might talk about this here again.