Well, if that's not a Slovenian symbol anymal! ;D And Gvarda, actually it's a mythological zlatorog, connected with the hills south of Laško, where the brewery stands.

Agree and it would be nice if Zlatorog as capra will be our national animal.

Svetovid has done a great job showing animals that represent us but there are also a few animal breeds that originate from Slovenia.

Kras shepherd

Styrian chicken

Posavje horse

Slovene coldblooded horse

Cikasto govedo

Ljutomer trotter

Then there are a lot of Slovenian sheep, cow and a few dog breeds, the dogs all originate from Slovenia but are today considered Croatian or Serbian, won't comment that …

Thanks Štajerc :D Your list is ok but this are autochthonous species which are not represent whole Slovenia and specially not worldwide if you know what I mean :)