Probably, because they all molosser dogs, in this case shepard dog type. Šarplaninac in English is Illyrian shepard dog…

Probably the most misleading name for an animal ever.
The dog's name is Sharplaninec, because he is bred mostly in the mountain Shara.
My grandfather used to have one and all i can say is that it's one of the best dogs in the world. Protective and loving of children and cruel to thiefs and invaders. Even wolfs are afraid of Sharplaninec. There have been numerous cases where one of these dogs killed a wolf. It is a national symbol of Macedonia, and we also have it on the coin of 1 denar. :)
Other trademark animals in Macedonia are the Balcan Lynx which is endangered, also on our 5 denar coin, and the Ohrid Trout, endemic to Ohrid Lake.

On a side note, this thread is awesome, and all animals are. All animals are beautiful and should be respected and protected.