Concept of nation is 19th century product. Up the irony. LOL

Anyhow national plants, national animals, national wathever. All that its just modern thing. Srrsly ppl do you think some peasant from 13th, 16th, 18th, etc. century knew concept of national animal or flower let alone national identity. Haha…. Now to explain. Slovenia has no official animal or plant. Štajerc ye nagelj is good option. Linden is not a flower, true, it was popularised as "national" tree in 19th century as well. I would say Lilium carniolicum or Carniolan lily is also a good option for national flower. Thow most ppl really wouldnt think or know of it. Btw yellow variety of Carniolan lily is called Bosnian lily. :D

Yes Povhec agree but red carnaion is really just product of 19. century and has become a recognizable and used only with Slovenian national awakening. Previously did not have any symbolic role as for example tilia tree if you know what I mean.