Stajerc, you are right about practical part. What you are not realizing what the reason is for this ritual and how it is connected to the ancient fire rituals dating to paleolithic times. Before people new how to make fire using fire sticks, lightning was the source of fire. People used to look for fire, capture is into these mushrooms and bring them to their village. There the eternal fire was kept by the priests and all the villagers used to get the fire from that communal fire. When people learned to make fire using fire stick, the fire stick became symbol of the lightning. You can use wooden board to create fire in it but you can also do it directly in these mushrooms. These are the real magic mushrooms. I don't think this ritual using mushrooms has been preserved in too many places.

Anyway, I want to ask a question. I remember reading years ago in some early christian chronicle about northern Slavs that they built strange wooden structures. They were probably these wooden pyramids we still have in Croatia. But I can't find this description any more. Has anyone else seen this and do you know where i can find it?

Thanks in advance