Royal government didn`t care a lot for the parts of Slovenia and parts of Croatia. They easily handed them to Austria and Italy. So naive, we also sent the member of Croato-serbian coalition (Svetozar Pribičević) to negotination with royal Serbia. Did you know that croatian Sabor had never accepted the agreement of unitification, that there were demostrations in Zagreb against unification. Members of domobran/homegard were killed by prounitaristic led by Grgo Angjelinović. We remebered this day as Prosinačke žrtve. This is way the royal serbian army appeared so soon in Zagreb

It is a sad time on our history … Would we take Carinthia at that time it would still be ours, but no, who cares about that … They put our high officers (like general Maister) in pension as quiqly as they could, banishing even Svetozar Borojević and other former A-H officers. If they'd put some work into those negotiations with Italy perhaps Trst would be Slovene today. But we can't blaim them alone. The Slovenian government in Ljubljana is to blaim aswell, those political idiots, I'd shoot them all. If they'd only leave Maister's hands open … But I'm ok with what we have today. We still made a pretty good deal considerning the border in Styria and comparing it with the border in Carinthia or our Littoral.