Well to be honest, commies did the question about Istra and Slovenian littoral resolved very well, because Digići and Allies wanted that part to be under control of Italy. They thought that Yugoslavia and communism will penetrate in Italy and then in Europe. Here in Dalmatia people have a special "sentiment" toward Italians :) I know that they are fascist in every kind of way even if they are members of italian communist party. Their "eastern provinces" and Mare nostro is constant in any of their foreign policies. They have mayors of Split, Zadar etc in egzile, they put monumental museum in Trst about foibe and about "evil Slavs (Slovene, Croat) who killed innocent Italians in their ancestral land…" They have even propaganda movie with Bjelogrlić (as partisan) about civilians (italians) and drunk, bloodthirsty partisans, and how the partisan kill them on every corner. It was relased on prime time on TV on the Day of fojbas or something like that. I believe it is hard to be a Slovene in Trst with italian relative majority. Indeed those were the days when our troops beat them back to Italy. Never liked the Italians, they are not trustwhorty, in every Italian there is a small "hidden fascist", they don`t like Slovenes and Croats, they think that they are superior toward us. Imagine, greasy hair, midget Gypsy talks about superiority :D

I don't know, Slovene and other partisan units liberated and took posesion of our whole ethnic ground, where (inspite of all the crimes those fascists made upon Littoral Slovenes) our people still were the majority and in many places they still remain the majority. Ok, those weird Beneški Slovenci always wanted to be part of Italy. I don't know what the fuck they expected from Makaronarji but they got screwed pretty well by them. On the other hand Slovenes from Gorica or Trst would have liked to be joint with us as they were aware of all the Italian crap.

[img width=400 height=700]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Map_of_Slovenian_minority_in_Italy_by_municipalities.png” />

They can make as many movies as they want, we still know they're some pussy gypos. We also made a movie. It's called, hmmmm, guess: Trst je naš!