@Štajerc These Beneški Slovenci, can`t believe that they could be so naive. Maybe they didn`t expirienced "italian hospitality" in first place. That film is a parody :D and AFAIK Italians were mad about that film. Makaroni in Trst were espec angry :D hehe

You see, Beneški Slovenci, as the name says, live in Benečija or Beneška Slovenija, which was part of Republic of Venice. They were given a quite a few privileges and some degree of authonomy, but they had to defend the border with the Austrians. That all worked well until they came under the Habsburgs who abolished all that and after the war in 1866 they held a plebiscite where all except one single vote (if you believe it) was for the Italians. Of course, they thought the Italians would restore their rights but instead of that they got Italianisation and later the fascists that they still have today … In hope of a better life they signed their death penalty, at least that's how I see it and I don't blaim them.
Sure, Lahi always get pissed when we only mention Trst. :D They must have some sort of "Urangst" of us. ;D