Trst/Trieste was historically always Romance speaking. Even at the height of Slovene and Slavic presence in Trst Slovenes made 30% of population. :D Theres this Slovene chavunism you see they will say those bastard traitors Benečani, Rezjani, they rather choose Italy, bla bla…. And then you see they only give a shyt bout some sea town that never was Slovene in a frist place. ;D It'd make seens if we had parole Benečija (Beneška Slovenija) je naša than Trst.

Bout Benečani & Co. They were not affected by nationalist ideas in that time so their decision to go under Italy seemed rational. Living in some outscurt hills they didnt have much problem with outside world what mattered were ancient rights and laws of their ancestors.

Italiasation of Littoral Slovenes is infact more natural than forceful. These hillbilies live on not very fertile soil. Farms in these villages are small. There isnt much industry or any other job opurtunity. Hills are quite steep and in 20th-21th century living there isnt for everyone. Ppl ofc migrated to Italian lowlands and many gradualy Italianised. But to be fair Italian Slovene minority is still quite strong, vibrant and has a better future now.

Actually Slovene minority in Italy is strongest and in most "healthy" position of all.