Gaius, where did you find all this information concerning Veles week? Do you have any books or links to provide me with? I have a kindle, so any e-books are also fine to mention (and in fact, there are some good e-books to be found concerning Slavic mythology.)

As far as Gromnica is concerned, I am not interested in merging Christianity with Slavic Paganism (in essence, that is what the deal is now, anyway.)

I was able to procure these sites about Veles



It seems that Veles and his serpentine symbol are, as with other ancient societies (Babylon, Egypt, etc), a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This greatly appeals to me because I believe knowledge is the most important thing a person can possess. It's funny how the serpent in Christianity is considered evil, but in all pre-Christian mythos, it is considered a symbol of intellect.

Thank you for your information, and if you could provide me with books, e-books, or links, I would be very grateful.

I really want to find out how our ancestors celebrated these events because I want to attempt to recreate them (or something like them) in the modern day.