I have three queries.

1. To all Serbs: Each one of us has a Slava. Can you describe what your traditions surrounding it it are?

It would be interesting to see if we all have similar traditions, or if there are certain areas with wildly different ones.

2. That leads into my next question, answerable by anyone with knowledge on the matter.

Slava is not a Christian tradition, we practised it before Christianity, and are exclusively the only people who still practice it. St Elijah, (Sveti Ilija) for example, took over the role of Perun of the Old Gods we had.

So, my question is as follows: Is there any material anywhere of how our Pagan ancestors practised their Slava? Is this tradition as "authentic" today as it was then?

3. Finally, is there a comprehensive list to be found anywhere of which Christian Saints replaced which old Gods? I would like to know to which God my Slava was dedicated to before Christianity came along.

Any and all insight appreciated.

Many years ago, in the era of SFRYugoslavia, I read in the papers Pobjeda, that the Montenegrin ethnologists found that the custom of celebrating the ancestral customs of the celebration home deities romanizovanih Illyrians. It was Slovenia's custom, and by the Balkans as it spread Montenegrins and Herzegovinans.

Prije puno godina, u doba SFRJ, sam čitao u tadašnjim novinama Pobjedi, da su crnogorski etnolozi utvrdili da je običaj slave naslijeđen od običaja proslave kućnih božanstava romanizovanih Ilira. to nije slovenski običaj, a po Balkanu su ga raširili Crnogorci i hercegovci.

Serbs celebrate Christianized gods protectors Slovenian pantheon.

Srbi slave hristijanizovane bogove zaštitnike slovenskog panteona.