I thought you took dinar from the Turks, from the times of their rule. Even today some Arabic countries have golden dinar and silver dirham coins. Macedonians have denar, right? That literally means "money" in Slovenian. :D

Btw, Slovene Tolar and Czech and Slovak Koruna aren't all that Slavic. Tolar comes from German Taler, which was a large silver coin in times of HRE. Koruna is actually only the Czech and Slovakian name for the Austrian-Hungarian currency Corona or Krone. In 1918, after the split up of the monarchy, new states were formed (German Austria, State of SHS, Czechoslovakia etc.) and they mostly simply overstamped the old Corona bills with their own stamps. Later State of SHS joined with Serbia and took the new Yugoslavian Dinar, Austria switched to their Schilling, but Czechoslovakia kept their "Koruna" and the Czechs still have it today. :)

Here's an example. Can you see the stamp "Deutschösterreich"?