I forgot to add that my paternal great-grandfather was leader of the rebellion against Italians in my area in WWII. His two brothers were also there when they started the attacks on Italians. In 1944 all of them except his oldest brother were killed by Germans. so, his old father (my greatgreat grandfather) went to search for their bodies. He was lost in the war, our family only heard that he was killed by some Albanians and could not find his body. Ironically the bodies of my great grandfather, his brother and uncle were found.
In all that mess of a war while they were far away from their homes, Germans and Albanian Skenderbeg SS division burned 99% of the houses in upper Lim valley and killed all people who were not able to escape.
at the end, even my great grandfather was leader of the rebelion and partisan, my grandfather had to struggle through his childhood  to earn for a living. glorious communist party turned back on him and his sister.