Srpski DNK Projekat. http://poreklo.rs/srpski-dnk-projekat/naslovna/
BTW, the only Mandić I could have found was J2b1 from Slavonski Brod. I do not know if he is related to Mandić family that Formica is talking about.

Thanks, very nice site full of interesting stuff. TBH i`m not so keen to embrace genetic yet in history. It is a young science, and there is a lot of things which do not corelate with truth. R1a so called slavic haplogroup, highest number of people with this haplogroup is in Poland, Russia, automatically slavic, but they ignore the fact that even higher rate is in India, and stuff like that. There are a lot of manipulation, like our idiot of dr. Primorac, and genetic heritage of Croats, imagine the results Croats and Israeli very simmilar two nation hehehehe and this he calls science…