Well, the article … It even has a line or two that are fitting … But very biased view, what could one expect.

I don't know why they mark Franz Joseph as hated? He wasn't, at least not here. People were quite loyal to him, even though he represented everything old, conservative, in way also Germanisation, especially in his last years when he was merely a puppet, locked inside his palace.

Franz Ferdinand had a relatively big support from Slovene politicians of that time as they saw some sort of savior in him. With him they could talk about the idea of trialism or even those US of Austria. He was aware he would have to make some changes, otherwise it would all colapse. In the end it also did … He had some sort of own cabinet with many politicians from Croatia, Slovakia and elsewhere, who oposed the power of the Hungarian nobles in their half. The Hungarians were his main oponents, especially one guy – sadly I forgot his name (they're all some István, Gulas, Paprikas …). One Slovenian guy from that time was the priest of his wife and he wrote many things about all the intrigues there. He found out how some people really wanted his death and in the end he was killed in Sarajevo due to very low security standards and other things. But seriously, military exercises on Vidovdan in a country full of Serbs, next to Serbia in times of such tensions? What could one expect? The Serbs even warned them, Franz Ferdinand didn't even want to go but the old Kaiser, lacking of all the info ordered him to do so anyway.
Otherwise they say he was a big family man but very harsh and cold to other people. He loved killing animals, never showed mercy.

And then we got Kaiser Karl. :D What a Slav hating pearl of the Hapsburg house! Though his son Otto is again a completely different story, great fellow imo.