The Holy Roman Empire wasn't even existing at that time anymore … ::)

Finding logic in his claims…… Eeeeeeeh. ::)

WWI was geniuos plan of Austrian court to destroy itself, just to materilize their brainchild Greater Serbia. ;D

Assasination of Archduke have a lot of explanations and every is legimit, of course, depend from which angle is looked. To me, i speak only for me and this is my opinion, Gavrilo was just extend hand of some imperialistic circles in the high elements of serbian government. Serbia put on themsleves the name of southslavic Piemont, the unificator of all South Slavs.

That is quite unlikely solution.
1) Black hand was not imperialistic circle in high elements of Government. They were group of lower to Middle officers, and were certainly at constant odds with Serbian Government, which in end quite bruttaly eliminated them.
2) Black hand was nationalistic Serbia, they were pro-Yugoslav. And they saw political assination as legitimate. They killed Serbian king, 1903.
3) Black hand was not involved in assination of FF. It was purely Young Bosna action.
4) It would be extreemly stupid from Serbia to provoke war at moment when, it just finished two consecutive wars, Had no ammunition for field guns, had not enough food for army, and lost hundreds of thousands able bodied man due to deaths and wounds.


Archduke surely wasn`t the best solution for them. He was interested for reforming the AU. The idea of Trialism:

And what would his Idea change? Anyway, Austria did wish to annex Serbia. And her was more interested in war. Otherwise, they would not made Ultimatum, with demands which they would know nobody in World would accept. (Austrian police, courts and prosecutors leading investigation in Serbia). FF was just colateral damage to Austro-Hunagary and Germany. Unpopular, not exceptionaly able, of cripled reputation because of unequal marriage…