America does not conquest new territories. Europe is not America despite American influence. Russia annexed Crimea. Southern Ossetia is soon to become part of Russia. Abkhazia and Tranistria are de facto Russian territories. Novorossia was discussed.

I’ve  stated above the will for political dominance remains. The methods of dominance  changed. If USA and Europe are using the so-called soft-power, which is
a persuasive approach through economic and cultural influence, then Russia is stuck in 19th century brutally annexing new territories. Russia is the last remaining empire in Europe officially titled as federation. On the other hand USA are welcomed in European countries and Japan. The Baltic states and Poland have been calling for larger presence of NATO in their countries for a long time. Georgia and Ukraine are hoping to become part of NATO too. Ever wondered why these countries behave in such a way? Because there is genuine threat from Russia.

The western world is about nations. There are dominant nations in coalitions and unions. Russia remains to be an empire. Empires always seek to expand. Empires will  cease to exist if it stops expanding


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