Yes, I’m a Lithuanian.
We can understand Samogitians and Dzukians with no big trouble. It sounds funny to each other, but it is still Lithuanian. Latvian is a different case. I usually can understand the meaning of a conversation in Latvian, but we can not communicate freely.
Neither my Russian nor Belarusian friends (who also knows the traditional Belarussian language) can understand a word I’m saying in Lithuanian.

Could you post a translation of that Sanskrit text? I’ll translate it in Lithuanian. I’m very curious.

As for the Balts lands according to hydronyms – here is the map 1st century BC. The names of today’s cities are in brackets:

As for the similarity to Buddhism – it’s not even a hypotesis :) It’s just my impression of Balts self-reflection or cosmos so to say – as a unity with the nature. I’m not saying it’s very different from pagan Russia (it probably depends on what part of todays Russia).

As my historian friend says – interpretation of history was always a political thing. It was in 1982 and it is now. I still believe that Balts and Slavs have a lot in common.


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