@GolemyGniew I’m not entirely sure what you mean in your first question.

As far as the second question goes, I kind of figured that there are slavic people who can’t speak their own language perhaps because they moved from their country as infants or something else like that, so I thought I’d open up the opportunity for those that are slavic in blood but can’t speak their language that well to join the guild too. I could change this though. For me it basically comes down to how many members desire this requirement. If the demand is big enough then sure, I’ll go ahead and change it, but until then I won’t.

@Perun You really should! I won’t say that Guild Wars 2 is better than the first game because some people would be pissed (and I haven’t even played the first game), but I can tell you that it’s one awesome game with an awesome community! The game goes occasionally on sale for 10$, so if you ever want to join then feel free to join this guild!


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