@BoblnBpt – what are you talking about? All natural European religions are similiar because they all come from the common Indo-European root. Balto-Slavic cultures are the closest to the original ,in religion ,language etc.
Skandinavian religion had two periods. Older one was based on very few gods. Odin ,Thor and many other are from the later period. Thor was based on Perun.

“Perkwunos, known as “the striker”, is reconstructed from Sanskrit Parjanya, Prussian Perkuns, Lithuanian Perkūnas, Latvian Pērkons, Slavic Perun or Piorun in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finnish Perkele and Norse Fjörgyn. Fjörgyn was replaced by Thor among the Germanic-speaking peoples. The Celtic hammer god Sucellus (also cf. Taranis “Thunderer”) is of the same character, but with an unrelated name.”
[based on: this and this]

What is the “viking” mythology? And how Celts are older civilisation?


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