@Gvarda hehehe Štokavian is more older then Serbs in BiH and Dalmatia. Once again, give me some proof.
@Perun Čakavian is the oldest, but not the only one Croatian dialect. During that time you mentioned, Serbian version of Štokavian dialect was forced in Croatian public and educational  life. For me, the Čakavian is the best. My ancestors used that dialect. Today i`m speaking some kind of mixture of Štokavian and Čakavian, due to the school education and other circumstances. But i´m not the guy who is going to denied the existance of other dialects. To denied them means to deny part of Croatian culture. 
In my humble opinion, i think that @Gvarda have problem with people who speak Croatian version of Štokavian, rather then with dialect itself… 


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