Boris V.
Boris V.

@NikeBG Bulgars and Bulgarians are one and same people that have divided and branched out. Just like we have example of Sorbs and Serbs today, or White Croatia and Croatia etc.

In c. 679 Khan Asparukh conquered Scythia Minor, opening access to Moesia, and established the First Bulgarian Empire. In the Balkans, the Bulgars became a political and military elite, and merged with previous populations, such as the Thracians and Vlachs, and were Slavicized, thus forming modern Bulgarians.

The remaining Pontic Bulgars migrated in the 7th century to the Volga River, where they founded the Volga Bulgaria; they preserved their identity well into the 13th century. The Volga Tatars and Chuvash people claim to be originated from the Volga Bulgars.



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