Many of the examples above aren’t just idioms, but are rather proverbs/sayings. Anyway, here’s some actual idioms from Bulgaria (taken from here):

Как я караш?  – How do you drive her?
Meaning “How are you doing?”

[Всичко е] ток и жица! – [Everything is] electricity and wire!
Meaning that everything is OK, or even better than that (usually follows “How do you drive her?”)

Боли ме фара – My lighthouse hurts
Meaning that one doesn’t care.

Работа му е майката – Work is its mother
Meaning that working is the base for success

Карай да върви! – Drive to go!
This is used when something unforeseen has happened; one understands everything perfectly, but can’t do anything to improve the situation

Внимавай в картинката! – Pay attention to the picture!
This phrase is more of a warning. If someone tells you this, you have to be really careful what you do or say.

Тъп като ръб – Dumb like an edge
This one is used to call someone dumb as a rock

Да си вдигаме чуковете /чукалата/ – Let’s pick our hammers
Да вдигаме гълъбите  – Let’s pick up the pigeons
Meaning that it is time to go

Уйде коня у реката – Went the horse into the river
This means that something unexpected occurred and one can’t help it [modern dialectic slang, the word-order is distorted on purpose]

Голям праз! – Big leek!
Meaning that nothing that serious has happened [rather more like the English “big deal!”, i.e. “So what? / I don’t care!”]

The comments there have  even more examples, btw, including classics like:
X отиде на кино (X went to the cinema) – Meaning something has gone bust, kaputt, down the drain
[Всичко е] Шапка на тояга ([Everything’s] Hat on a stick) – Meaning things are going great
Гладна мечка хоро не играе (A hungry bear doesn’t dance the horo) – That one’s actually a saying, I think the meaning is relatively obvious (you can’t work on an empty stomach or without pay, depending on context)
Като дупе и гащи (Like a butt and (under)pants) – Used either for inseparable friends or for things which fit perfectly to each other, “joined at the hip”
Ти откри топлата вода (You discovered hot water) – Sarcastic remark about someone pointing out something obvious or well-known (You discovered America is a somewhat rarer alternative)
Кърти мивки (Breaks off sinks) – A modern slang phrase, describing something epic and/or really cool
Сгазвам лука (I’m trampling the onions) – I’m getting into trouble

And there are some more proverbs and common idioms here (often without the literal translation though):
Спукана ми е работата (My work is cracked) – I’m in deep trouble, I’m a goner
Изчезва яко дим (Disappearing like smoke) – Someone disappearing/running away very fast (one of the rare cases in modern Bulgarian where the old word iако is still used in its original context)
Навивам обръчите на някого (Winding up someone’s hoops) – Persuading someone to do something, slowly and methodically
Луд за връзване (Mad for tying) – Totally insane, complete wacko
Изгърмяха ми бушоните (My fuses burned out) – I lost my nerves
Ни вест, ни кост от него (Not a word, nor a bone from him) – Used for someone who’s been out of touch for a long time
Да си плюя на петите (To spit on my heels) – To run away as quickly as possible
Хлопа му дъската (His board is knocking) – He’s crazy
Главата му е пълна с бръмбари (His head is full of bugs) – He’s insane
Ни в клин, ни в ръкав (Neither in a legging, nor in a sleeve) – Used for something inappropriate, untimely
Ни лук ял, ни лук мирисал ([He’s] Neither eaten onions, nor smelled onions) – When someone’s pretending he has no idea he’s done something wrong, acting innocent
Като света вода ненапита (Like a holy water undrunk from) – Someone pretending to be pure innocence
Като две капки вода (Like two drops of water) – Two people or things which look very much alike
След дъжд – качулка (A hood after the rain) – Taking actions when it’s already too late
От трън – та на глог (From a thorn – to a hawthorn) – Escaping from one bad situation only to find one’s self in an even worse situation, “out of the frying pan and into the fire”
За всеки влак си има пътници (Every train has its passengers) – For every possible thing or idea, there will be people to like it


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